Joel (Uruguay) - Reporter since April 2018

"I have been working as a scout, collecting information on sporting events and I can say that it is a good job that combines passion for sport and good managment of technology."

DIEGO (Uruguay)- reporter since April 2018

"Working as a Data Journalist for SportsData has been a great experience, if you love sports this is an awesome job to have. Of course is not the same as just watching a game, but as you gain experience, you get to enjoy it in a different level."

José (Portugal) - Reporter since February 2018

"This job is a mixture of pleasure and responsability. Be part of the action, live the moment, inform the sports community."

Pablo (Brasil) - Reporter since April 2017

"It's been a huge opportunity to work as a Scout, I feel very gifted because I'm such a sports fan and the chance to work with it is something else."